Plastics processing with infrared STIR®

STIR® is more effective in comparison to the conventional thermal conditioning methods of plastics with convection heat and classic infrared, because the absorbance of the chemical molecules in the product are nearly conform to the emission spectrum of STIR®.

Whether for the thermal treatment of plastics for granulates, plastic sheets, composite materials, adhesives and lacquers: drying, heating, gelation, cross-linking, plastifying, melting, agglutinating, laminating, shrinking, deep-drawing... The heating and hardening can be fasten, compared to the actual methods using, without compromising on quality.

Become a user of the eco-friendly STIR-infrared-technology. Improve your energy efficiency and be happy about your energy savings.

Conglutination of construction material & activating of adhesives

Materials: EP, PUR, PF, MF, plastisols
on raw materials: metals, plastics, glass, timber, GRP, CFRP
Applications: Heating of hot melt adhesive in the timber- and furniture industry, gelation of PVC- and PO-plastisol, cross-linking of EVA foil in photovoltaic installations, conglutination of construction parts in automotive industry


Heating and cross-linking of GRP und CFRP

and other laminates
Materials: EP, PUR, PP, PA
Applications: rotor blades, ship- and boat building, automotive engineering...


Heating of plastic sheets for deep-drawing

Materials: PE, PP, PS, PET, ABS, PVC
Applications: packaging for food industry, components for automotive- and electronic industry, window profiles and pipes for the construction industry...


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