STIR®-continuous furnace for the heating of paper laminates

Scheibenberg (GERMANY)

STIR®-continuous furnace for the heating of paper laminates

Heating of epoxy paper composite materials in a continuous furnace by one-sided irradiation with temperatures from 20°C up to 220°C.

  • The previous oven equipment with 60 heaters has been replaced by a composite furnace with three electrical STIR®-heating modules
  • Assembling of the three STIR®-modules in the continuous furnace with an active size of 1230 mm x 400 mm
  • Every module consists of six, with functional ceramics coated emitters
  • At an increased productivity of about 25% it was possible to reduce the electrical power input to 50%, in comparison to the previous equipment

Schüco PWS GmbH & Co. KG, Weißenfels (GERMANY)

Lacquer disk-heating; SIP-heaters in optional positions

  • Preheating of the lacquer disks, that are going to be applied on PVC-foils afterwards
  • Installation of 20 SIP-heaters with a power output of all together 20kW
  • Advanced processing quality by the foil heating

Dr. Barbara Sieczkowska

Adhesive bonding as trend-setting technology

Adhesive bonding is a challenge of the future in nearly all industrial sectors, especially in the photovoltaic- and automotive branch, and is able to complement or even replace the conventional connection processes, like welding, riveting or screwing.

The adhesive bonding technic allows, like no other method, to bond a wide variety of materials everlastingly and without damaging the assembly components and thereby detracting the stability.  Furthermore the adhesive bonding method is a quicker and cheaper alternative which accommodates economic interests.

Adhesive bonding with STIR® is a new dimension of bonding-technology, which fulfills the demands and accommodates the amenities of infrared heating to the chemical structures of molecules. […]

Thermal conditioning of adhesives with STIR®

STIR® is much more effective in comparison to the conventional thermal conditioning methods for coatings and plastics, among adhesive-conditioning with convection heat and classic infrared, as the absorbance of the chemical molecules in the product are nearly conform to the emission spectrum of STIR®. So that the heating and hardening can be fasten, compared to the actual methods using, without any quality losses. The time- and energy effort can be reduced from 100% to 50% up to less than 10%. […]

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